Rebecca Schoneveld


2017 Collection

Willow Gown

Brynn Gown

Issa Top with Maya Skirt

Pearl Gown

Sabina Gown

Trinity Gown

Camille Gown

Ivy Top with Reese Skirt

Juno Top with Daisy Skirt

Aspen Gown

Capri Top with Olivia Skirt

Fleur Gown

Helena Gown

Kinsley Gown

Oslo Top with Hensley Gown

Sasha Gown

Adria Gown

         Jacqueline Gown  

Hazel Top with Brynn Skirt

London Gown

Rosemary Gown

Gwen Gown

Yvette Gown

Mia Top with Elizabeth Skirt

Maeve Top with Reese Skirt

Blythe Top with Olivia Skirt

Carson Gown

Frances Gown

Hensley Gown

Layla Gown

Parker Gown

Shawn Gown

Amaris Bustier, Rae Skirt

       Daisy Gown

Maya Gown

Hudson Gown

Noel Top with Rosemary Skirt

Mandy Gown

Victoria Top with Yvette Skirt

Parker Gown

Britta Gown

Brianna Top with Shannon Skirt

Corey Gown

Freya Top over Siobhan Gown

Ibiza Top over Ellis/Camden

Milan Jacket over Layla

Poppy Gown

Siobhan Gown

Amelia Bodice, Elliot Gown

        Thea Gown

Kelly Top with Maya Skirt

Daphne Top with Hudson Skirt

Zoe Gown

Zephan Gown

Reese Gown

Eleanor Top with Parker Skirt

Layla Gown

Capri Top with Alma Skirt

Ellis Top with Camden Trouser

Georgina Gown

Karina Gown

Millie Skirt with Oslo/Hensley

Sadie Gown

Whitney Gown

Ania Gown

Ariel Top, Evalyn-Ingrid Gown

Audrey Top, Emma-Leah Gown

Avery Bustier, McKinley Skirt

Blakley Gown

Brena Gown

Brooke Top, Isla-Joy Gown

Calista Gown

Camille Gown

Carmen Gown

Charlie Gown, Suri Belt

Chellise Gown

Chelsea Gown

Cherie Top, Simone Dress

Cherie Top, Kiki Skirt, Simone

Chloe Bustier, NealTrouser

Darcy Gown

Deya Top, Chelsea Gown

Elliot Gown

Elsa Gown

Emerson Gown

Estelle Top, Emma-Aimee Gown

Evalyn-Grace Gown

Evalyn-Sierra Gown

Evan Gown

Fallon Gown

Gemma Gown

Ines Gown

Ingrid Gown

Isla-Joy Gown

Ivy Top, Chelsea Gown

Julie Top, Evan Gown

Kennedy Gown

Lark Gown

Lena Top

Lena Top, Emma-Marie Gown

Lincoln Gown

Linden Gown

Lucas Jumpsuit

Ann top, Lucas Jumpsuit

Lucia-Hope Gown

Lumi Slip

Lumi Slip, Serenity Overskirt

Cheyenne Top, Lumi Slip, Serenity Overskirt

Luna Gown