Rebecca Schoneveld



Our Brooklyn atelier is a nod to the romance of fashion in the 19th century, where every piece was bespoke, made specifically for the person wearing it.

There were no walls separating the designers, makers, and customers: they all shared the same space in a workshop. The intention was to involve everyone, particularly the client, in the process. We bring that same intent to our atelier; the desire is to create an experience where you are involved in the creation of your perfect wedding gown. You will experience a level of care and transparency not normally seen in the garment industry. Our desire is to bring back the tactile aspect of design to our clients, while at the same time balancing modern day schedules and budgets. 

Our atelier is housed within our flagship store, Schone Bride. We are proud to be part of the revitalization of the New York fashion industry, which was the heart of American fashion until the 1980’s when fast fashion and cheap labor overseas became so much the norm. Much in thanks to savvy consumers, appreciation for American made fashion has seen a revival in recent years. We are grateful to have a space where conscientious, ethically-minded consumers can go to support these artisans, all while being made to feel beautiful and cared for in a unique way.