Rebecca Schoneveld

Inclusive By Design


You are unique and beautiful, and we celebrate that.

Your wedding gown should be a reflection of who you are inside.

We have the honor of dressing a diverse group of brides and we are proud of that. From body shape to background, culture, gender, age and religion, we celebrate each individual who walks through our doors. We adore coordinating brides in the LGBT community. We are thrilled by a creative challenge when a bride wants color or other non traditional details.  Our size chart includes a complete size range from 00 to 30. Unlike many other bridal and clothing brands, we do not apply surcharges for a dress being a different size.

The reason we exist is to make you feel like your authentic self and have your wedding gown be a mirror of the beauty inside your soul. 

How do we accommodate all types of brides and their unique style? Through easy customization! Want to add a sleeve? Move a neckline? Consider it done. Want to change a color? Match the top of one gown with the skirt of another? Absolutely! We love to saying yes to you and yes to making the most perfect gown for your personal figure, style, and budget.