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Real Wedding: Meredith + Pat at Camp Tanadoona

Real WeddingsRebecca Schoneveld

Our bride Meredith is a professional graphic designer, so she had a clear vision in her mind about what the vibe and style of her wedding was to be. She was looking for something classic and comfortable, that would fit her Autumn wedding at Camp Tanadoona in Minnesota. She found our Daisy gown and Ivy lace top at A&Be Bridal Shop in Minneapolis, and threw on top a white denim jacket from the Gap which she hand painted herself! We absolutely love every personalized detail she put into her day. The abundant love this group of family and friends have for each other is so clear! Cheers to the happy couple!


In Meredith’s own words:

Patrick and I were married on October 27th, 2018 at cozy Camp Tanadoona in Minnesota. We both love to camp and spend time outdoors, I worked as a camp counselor (at a different camp) for a few summers and wanted our guests to get a glimpse of the magic of camp. We were nervous leading up to the big day about the weather cooperating, this is late fall in Minnesota after all, it could have been snowing or it could have been 60 degrees. To say we lucked out is an understatement. The weather was gorgeous, we had a beautiful fall day surrounded by golden leaves and love from our friends as family. 

I planned and designed the wedding myself, I had never ventured into this kind of design or high level of planning before. Since I am a graphic designer and a watercolor artist I was able to make a lot of my own details. Patrick and I spent our year-long engagement thrifting vintage plaid blankets, old thermoses, lanterns, and wooden chairs that mom recovered in funky plaid fabrics. It was very fun for us, each antique shop it's own little adventure which turned into their own special memories, and it was a great way to involve my groom in *some* of the details. 

I was so excited to put my dress on, our ceremony was in the early afternoon which I loved because it gave me more time to spend in my dress. Tears of happiness streamed down my cheeks as my mom helped me in to it. I loved everything about it, wearing it made me feel classically beautiful, simple yet stunning. Besides feeling gorgeous in the dress, I felt like myself. 

For our first look our photographer, Jessica, took us over to the white mansion on the camp property. She tucked me on one side and said she was going to get Patrick. I could hear his voice as he was getting closer and I felt oddly calm, ready to see him and spend our day together. We stepped onto the porch and he hollered "YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL, LOOK AT YOUR DRESS!!" We cried, hugged and shared stories of how our mornings had gone. 

Our day was truly magical. The golden autumn leaves fell softly on us as we said 'I do'. I ventured about camp, sat by a bonfire, wined and dined under the stars, and danced until my feet couldn't take it anymore. I'm so thankful that this dress found me (it was the first one I tried on). I will forever look back on my wedding day and remember how peaceful, poised, confident and happy I felt wearing my Rebecca Schoneveld dress. 


Wedding Vendors:

Photography: Jessica Holleque

Dress shop: A an Be Minneapolis

Florals: Sister Honey Floral Co. 

Bridesmaids: BHLDN

Jacket: Gap 

Jacket Design: Meredith Jane Designs

Hair and Makeup: Primped MN

Rentals and Styling for head table: Essen Events 

Rings: Alexis Russell

Shoes: Bryr Clogs

Real Wedding: Lili + Tomas at Vizcaya

Real WeddingsRebecca Schoneveld
images by Pablo Laguia

images by Pablo Laguia

Lili and Tomas were wed this past spring at Vizcaya in Miami, Florida, and their traditional but intimate celebration was nothing short of stunning and joyous. Clearly so much love and attention to detail was put into the event, which was designed and organized by Adriana Cadet of The Creatives Loft and so artistically captured by the very talented Pablo Laguia.

Lili wore our Whitney gown with a custom built up top for the ceremony, which she was able to remove for the reception, which clearly was a very fun party for all!

In her own words, Lili tells us what her gown meant to her:

“I think it will be hard to put it in words how much admiration I feel about your work. Your craft it’s not only beautiful, but meaningful. I will never forget who made my wedding dress and I’m sure this happens to every bride you make this happy. I want to congratulate the decision you made in your life to choose such a great profession. I’m sure it hasn’t been easy. My husband and I live in Miami Beach, where we have a small bakery called True Loaf Bakery, everything is made in traditional way: bread is naturally leavened and croissants are shaped one by one by hand. It’s hard, no matter how much you love your craft, there it’s always infinite hours of work and surprisingly not always the equivalent amount of money coming back to you, it’s hard. 

My grandma taught me how to sew, do knitting, embroidery, etc since very little, I believe when I was 6 or 7 years old, when we were living in Cuba. There it would make sense, if you wanted to wear something new you find a whatever fabric leftover probably from a window curtain and make yourself a dress. It wasn’t weird to go to a house where the curtains, the pillows and the dress of the owner was all the same pattern, I actually love those memories. Every piece of clothing or home decoration had a meaning, everything was appreciated. Not store or money was available for our family to buy new apparel. Now we are extremely lucky, Here in the US, where my family and I live, there is so much of everything!! But sometimes we forget the effort behind creating an object; things become temporary. But you! You have created a business where real people and not machines (well, people using machines) create memories! You create dreams, emotions, mystery, happiness... Rebecca your business it’s like Charlie and the chocolate factory!!  it’s amazing.

I don’t want to bore you, I’m sure you get a million of these emails. I just wanted to thank you for making my beautiful wedding dress which I fully enjoyed; I danced, I ran, I jumped... I loved it.”

Oh, Lili! You summarize so well the very heart of what my business means to me and what we intend to do. Thank you so much for appreciating us like you have, and for sharing your beautiful celebration with us!!